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Taufatahi Whale Swim Tour

 Taufatahi Whale Swim Tour:

Be the first in the world to greet the new day and Tonga’s Tribe of Humpback whales. This will the wharf at 9 AM and once 30-45mins we will start looking for whale pods.

Passengers on this tour take turns to go in the water and swim with the whales in groups of four and one guide.

We serve lunch during this tour - our main focus is swimming with the whales and priorities are given as such over snorkeling or island picnic (unless the ENTIRE passenger crew on the boat decides otherwise)

  • 8 passenger limit

  • 8:30 AM departure and return around 3.30 PM

  • Alternating swim drops (max 4 people in the water at once by regulation) 

  • Brief lunch on island or boat depending the circumstances

  • Meet at the wharf or pick up and drop off subject to arrangement with hotel/guesthouse/accommodation

1 Day
Premium Whale Swim
325 USD
3 Day
Premium Whale Swim
875 USD
 tim day 4-.jpg

Why fly further if you have the best whale swim and activities on Tongatapu?


5 Days or longer whale swim packages

Many visitors are not aware that Tongatapu, together with 'Eua, are actually the islands with fewer amount of whale swim operators - 7 operators & 9 boats for Tongatapu and 3 operators & 5 boats on 'Eua.


Compared to Vava'u (22 operators and 37 boats) 

and Ha'apai (8 operators and 15 boats)


With fewer operators in Tongatapu and 'Eua we can offer a better whale swim experience combined with a lot more tour and activity options on the main island (kayaking, Tsunami rock, the famous blowholes, Tongan floor shows, the local Tongan artisanal market, freshwater caves,...)

With all those options and given we are a local operator we can help you put the perfect package together - we know the right accommodation based on your budget, the right types of activities based on your interests and we combine all that with the right amount of time swimming with the whales over an extended period (5 or more days).

Our goal is to provide you with an amazing experience - the easiest way to to discuss your needs and tell you what the best options are in terms of your budget and time available - we look forward hearing from you!!!

Regular Tour Booking Anchor
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