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Premium Sunrise Whale Swim Tour

Introducing the 2020 Taufatahi Sunrise Whale Swim Tour:

Be the first in the world to greet the new day and Tonga’s Tribe of Humpback whales. This will be the first tour out of the wharf at 5:30 AM, three hours before most operators depart.


An earlier departure allows our customers to enjoy a beautiful sunrise and be the first in the water with the whales, enhancing their whale swim experience.


With a four passenger limit, customers on this tour are guaranteed to be in every swim drop for the duration of the tour. We will capture those incredible moments with GoPro equipment.


 A continental breakfast will be served on this tour - satiating voracious appetites post whale swims :)

This tour will also be the first back to port by noon (per the six hour industry regulation limit), allowing passengers to catch afternoon flights out of TBU)

  • 4 passenger limit

  • Early morning departure and early return (noon)

  • Guaranteed to be in every swim drop from the boat

  • GoPro footage

  • Continental breakfast on an outer island

  • Pick up and drop off included

1 Day
Premium Whale Swim
650 USD
3 Day
Premium Whale Swim
1755 USD

Why Tongatapu?

Many visitors are not aware that Tongatapu, along with 'Eua have the fewest whale swim operators | 7 operators & 9 boats for Tongatapu and

3 operators & 5 boats on 'Eua 

Compare this to Vava'u = 22 operators & 37 boats

and Ha'apai (8 operators | 15 boats) 


With fewer operators on Tongatapu, your chance of experiencing high quality swims (defined as 10-15 minutes in the water with a whale) is higher. There is less likelihood of waiting in line to be part of a swim drop. 


There are multiple flights in and out of TBU (Tongatapu) to New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and Samoa, each day except Sunday - with added flights during peak whale season. 


Additionally, there are more options for accommodations as well as non-whale swim activities on Tongatapu including kayaking (lagoon and island tours), visits to the Ha’amonga, Royal Tombs, Captain Cooks Landing, Tsunami Rock Houma, Blowholes, traditional floor shows, Tongan artisanal markets, Anahulu freshwater cave, day trips to Pangaimotu, etc...

As a locally based operator we are happy to help you put the perfect package together - we know the right accommodation based on your budget and the right types of activities based on your interests and we combine all that with the right amount of time swimming with the whales for a wonderful trip to Tongatapu.

Our goal is to provide you with an amazing experience - the easiest way to do that is to discuss your needs so please do not hesitate to reach out! 


We look forward to hosting you! 

Premium Tour Booking Anchor
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