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Tonga Whale Swim

Whales in Tonga
Martina Ivanova

Whales in Tonga

Note >>> we are not operating this season (2022) 

TAKING 2023 booking enquiries  !!! 

Inquire about our new
premium whale swim package !

Guaranteed to be in every swim drop (*)
4 guests max per boat
Photo & video footage
Island breakfast (*)
Early departure

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Consider also our PREMIUM WHALE SWIM

If you are short on time and are looking for a unique and exciting experience, our 1 Day Whale Swim Tour is a great option.  

Tours depart at 9am, include a picnic lunch and return by 3:30pm.  You can expect a maximum of eight passengers on board and two whale swim guides.  

Regulations stipulate a maximum of four customers in each swim drop, so the 8 passenger maximum means a maximum of two swim groups per tour.



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Recommended over 1 Day Whale Swim 

We highly recommend that you book a three or five day tour to maximize the time & quality of time you spend with the whales.

While we have gotten in the water with the whales every day during peak season, the quality of the experience is influenced by several factors such as whale temperament, weather and swim time.

We realize Tonga is far to travel to so we do recommend three or five day whale swims to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.





Consider also our PREMIUM WHALE SWIM

5 Day or longer whale swims offer the best experience and value for money. In addition to having many days on the water this option is perfect for those who'd like to combine whale swimming with visiting other attractions during their stay on Tongatapu. 

As local operator, we know Tongatapu well and can work with you to arrange accommodation and other activities during your stay on the island.



Why Tongatapu?

Tongatapu, along with 'Eua have fewer whale swim operators (7 operators on Tongatapu and 3 on 'Eua 

(​Vava'u = 22 operators & 37 boats)

Chance of quality swims is higher - less likely to wait in line for a swim drop

Multiple flights in and out of TBU (Tongatapu) to New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and Samoa, each day except Sunday - with added flights during peak whale season

More options for accommodations as well as non-whale swim activities on Tongatapu including kayaking (lagoon and island tours), visits to the Ha’amonga, Royal Tombs, Captain Cooks Landing, Tsunami Rock Houma, Blowholes, traditional floor shows, Tongan artisanal markets, Anahulu freshwater cave, day trips to Pangaimotu.

Full Day Boat Charter | 2600 USD

Hire the entire boat (10 person max) and discover the beautiful waters of the islands around Tongatapu.  This 6-7 hour boat tour will take you through the wonderful waters around Tongatapu  where you will visit several of the outer islands. Enjoy snorkeling, swimming, beach combing and a catered lunch.

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Everything we do is guided by a deep sense of wonder and respect for the whales and their natural habitat

As locals, we are thankful for the amazing opportunities to swim with these magnificent creatures. It also means that the responsibility to assure that the natural behavior of

the whales is not disrupted, lies with us.


We are a partner of the "World Cetacean Alliance" and share the vision of a world where cetaceans are only found in the wild, are respected and fully protected, and live in sustainable habitats and in harmony with people everywhere.

We aim to conserve and protect cetaceans and their habitats. By phasing out captivity and seeking to protect cetaceans in the world’s oceans, seas and rivers, we are a global community of people who care for cetaceans, study and respect them.


We are here to give you the best experience!

Our mission is to provide our guests with bespoke experiences in and around Tongatapu.

Whale watching, swimming with whales, Island hopping. Kayaking. Fishing. Snorkeling. 

We are a local, family owned and operated small business and we are dedicated to creating lasting memories for our guests while doing our part to preserve Tonga's stunning natural beauty.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Vila: +676 840 9175 | Tim+ 676 841 0772

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(*) Whale swim drops are always subject to circumstances we DO NOT control

Respect for the whales and their wellbeing is our first priority.


Our skipper makes decisions with


in mind.


Our skipper is ALWAYS focused on providing the best customer experience

for ALL passengers on the boat.


Weather conditions, whale temperament, unexpected events and conditions are part of the nature of the experience we provide.


We will always do our best to accommodate passenger needs and request but we always do this with SAFETY and the BEST EXPERIENCE FOR ALL in mind.

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